Banking Up provides technology and services to deliver good banking for all consumers


Everyone deserves good everyday banking services no matter their level of income, age, education and bankability.


Build a very valuable company by enabling the delivery of essential banking services to a very large audience at low cost.


Banking Up started operating as "Plastyc, Inc." which is still the legal name of the Delaware Corporation under which we operate.
We are private and venture-capital funded. Our main office is in Manhattan's financial district, while some of our staff resides in Florida, California and Great Britain.
Our management team and directors are successful repeat entrepreneurs, with expertise and focus on consumer products and financial services.


Banking Up is funded by Core Innovation Capital and by several seasoned industry veterans and individual investors with past or present affiliations with Google, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Nokia, Sybase, etc.
Among them, Eric Di Benedetto, and Robb Wilmot, seasoned investors in financial technology and software, and Solborn Venture Investments, a venture group in South Korea.
If you are an investor in the Company and have received a username and password, click here to reach our dataroom to access our latest corporate documents and presentations.

The external Directors of the company are Arjan Schütte of Core Venture Capital and Robb Wilmot.