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Bank & Network Management
BINs and progams set-up Arrow for Callout Connection to Bank's BIN
and creation of card sub-programs to host deployments based on fee structures, service capabilities & and transaction limits.
Compliance, Risk and Settlement Management Arrow for Callout Compliance, Risk & Settlement
services provided in complement to the bank's internal processes: handling of disputes, of fraud detection & mitigation, and communication with FinCen, when applicable.
BINs and progams set-up Compliance, Risk and Settlement
Portfolio Optimization
Configurable Loyalty Engine Arrow for Callout Configurable Loyalty Engine
with independent cash-back points and upgrade points system to maximize usage and lower attrition. Can be programmed to offer your own private rewards, if applicable.
Real-time Reports & Analyics Arrow for Callout Real-time Reports & Analytics
showing account enrollment and usage statistics in real-time, as well as non-financial activities such as loyalty points accrual, mobile and web accesses, etc.
Configurable Loyalty Engine Real-time Reports & Analytics
Consumer Interactions
Web & Mobile Interfaces Arrow for Callout Web & Mobile Interfaces
for consumers to access their account from PCs, Tablets or Phones. that are easily customizable for re-branding. The interfaces can also be to distribute service and marketing messages to selectable sub-groups of consumers.
Editorial & Marketing Tools Arrow for Callout Editorial & Marketing Tools
for fast editing of consumer-facing interfaces, creation & distribution of messages to select subsets of account holders via email, web pods or mobile push notifications.
Web & Mobile Interfaces Editorial & Marketing Tools
Issuing Bank Arrow for Callout Issuing Bank
We currently operate as a Program Manager for MetaBank.
Core Transaction Processor Arrow for Callout Prepaid Processor
We currently bundle our services with Fidelity Information Systems's eFunds ("South") platform.
Payment Network Arrow for Callout Payment Networks
We currently operate with VISA Prepaid BINs (one of which is a Buxx BIN for teenage cards).
for Your Customers
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Consumer Access Devices

Our Responsibilities

  • Customer verification and account opening
  • All operations and customer support
  • Compliance and risk

Your role as a Business

  • Market to your existing and prospective customers