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mobile friendly web interfaceOpening accounts from any phone

Anyone can open a card account from their phone without an app
While Android phone users continue to be able to open a new UPside Card account from our app, we now let everyone with an Internet connected phone open an account from their phone browser.

Like the Android app, the mobile-optimized web-based account opening performs all of the applicant identity verification steps necessary to ensure security and prevent accounts from being opened by identity thieves.

In addition to deploying the service for its UPside cardholders, Banking Up is powering a similar service for Univision, in particular for consumers who buy a Univision card from a retail shop and register their card in their name from any Internet connected phones of personal computers.

Make A SaveGamifying savings

...A game-changing innovation?
Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund launched a pilot test of an innovative tool designed to test gamification as a motivator for savings. The experience is now available—online and via mobile application—for more than 16,000 users of the Banking Up Upside Visa® Prepaid Card at no additional cost.

“For the last 3 years we have been testing gamification in a variety of ways. To our knowledge, this is the first time a robust gamified system has been directly integrated with a financial service product. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of exploring gamification in financial services and look forward to seeing how gamification can positively impact the lives of financially vulnerable Americans,” said Tim Flacke, Executive Director, D2D Fund.

he new tool helps consumers build emergency savings. It leverages the concepts in popular fitness trackers and gamified health apps (Fitbit, RunKeeper, and Zombies, Run!). Specifically, the design allows users to earn badges, complete challenges, and track progress towards saving money. Additionally, the companion native app has a unique Save Now feature that provides instant gratification for saving small amounts of money.

The partnership with Banking Up was a natural fit, as D2D previously worked with their team to design and test an emergency savings feature. Patrice Peyret, CEO of Banking Up, said, “We are excited to partner with D2D again to offer this unique innovation to our cardholders. We are confident that this product will encourage our cardholders’ use of the Rainy Day Reserve.”

As the pilot continues, D2D Fund seeks to gain additional insights that can lead to future iterations of the tool and, ultimately, make it available to more consumers. D2D is proud to add this gamified experience to their suite of financial service innovations which include Financial Entertainment video games, prize-linked savings products, and a host of mobile applications.

This innovation is supported by a grant from CFSI's Financial Capability Innovation Fund II. The Fund is supported by a collaborative of funders led by the Citi Foundation and includes the Capital One Foundation, NYSE Euronext Foundation, Charles Schwab Bank, Charles Schwab Foundation, and Experian.

Doorways to Dreams Fund strengthens the financial opportunity and security of financially vulnerable consumers by discovering ideas, piloting solutions, and driving innovations to scale.

To find out more about this pilot, please contact Melissa Gopnik at To receive more updates on this innovation and other exciting work at D2D, subscribe to the D2D Fund monthly newsletter here.

Credit To PrepaidPrepaid and Credit...

...Not As Incompatible As You Think
While prepaid cards with a built-in credit option may be a recipe for consumer confusion, there are two ways prepaid and credit can combine forces to provide access to more people and make them more successful. Read more on the Banking Up blog.

US Treasury logoInnovation Fund Project

Banking Up Awarded Innovation Fund Project by US Department of the Treasury
The US Treasury announced today that it will be devoting a total of $6.2M to 11 innovation projects in the field of Financial Empowerment.
Banking Up is one of 3 contractors to be awarded a project in the field of innovative payments.

The project will consist of selecting consumers with a sufficient history of responsible spending and saving from continued use of a prepaid debit card, and offering them the option of a secured credit card.
Unlike prepaid debit cards, secured credit cards contribute to credit scores by reporting activity to the main credit bureaus. Therefore a consumer with both a prepaid debit card and a secured credit card in her or his wallet can benefit from both the safety and convenience of everyday payments with a prepaid card and the credit-building capability of a secured credit card.

To minimize the chances that the secured credit card could backfire by being used irresponsibly, a mobile application will be distributed to help participants manage both their prepaid and secured credit card and to deliver contextual financial guidance to them via mobile push messages in real time.
The main goal of the project is to:

  • identify which types of active and responsible prepaid card users can also become responsible secure credit cardholders,
  • test how much and what type of transaction data from prepaid cards will help the most in evaluating credit worthiness,
  • and evaluate if financial guidance delivered to them over the air in the context of their card activities can improve markedly their chances of improving their credit score.

The project will also involve research and analysis of legal and policy matters surrounding the use of card transaction data and of mobile applications for financial assistance.
See the Treasury Note announcement.

Mobile Account OpeningMobile Account Opening

Banking Up adds Account Opening to its Mobile App
The Android version of the UPside Card application now includes the option for users to "start from scratch" and sign up for a new account.The mobile account opening service uses the same Customer Identification Process ("CIP") powered by IDology as the web enrollment pages.

Now, instead of being a convenience for existing accountholders, the UPside Card smartphone application can be used to sign up new customers who may not have a PC or Internet Service Provider at home.

"In a few years, very few people will use a laptop or desktop computer to sign up for bank services." said Patrice Peyret, CEO of Banking Up. "Enabling consumers to sign up from their phone opens up opportunities to advertise personal financial services at events, on billboards, on radio and TV, when people are not in front of a computer to sign up for the advertised product" added Peyret.

The new UPside Card application for Android devices can be found here to find the Banking Up mobile application.

PayBefore Award LogoUPside wins PayBefore Award

UPside Visa Card Named Winner in Eighth Annual Paybefore Awards

Paybefore has selected the UPside Visa Prepaid Card as a 2014 Paybefore Awards winner in the Consumer Champion category. For eight years, Paybefore Awards has conferred the most prestigious recognition of excellence in the worldwide prepaid, mobile and emerging payments industry. The awards are presented annually by Paybefore, whose publications are the leading source of industry information for alternative payments executives.

"We are particularly proud to have been named a winner in the Consumer Champion category, as it rewards our consistent efforts to differentiate by being a virtuous market player;” said Patrice Peyret, CEO of Banking Up, the company behind the UPside card. “Large banks are still not making headlines by putting their customers first. Meanwhile, in 2013, UPside cardholders became able to deposit checks from home or from work using their mobile phones, and started hearing mid-Western accents when calling our newly on-shored customer support service center” added Peyret.

UPside Visa Prepaid Card was selected by a panel of five industry experts who served as judges for this year’s competition, which—once again—included a record number of entries from around the world.

“An industry is only as good as its innovators. This year’s Paybefore Awards have demonstrated that prepaid, emerging and mobile payments companies always find new ways to address consumer, government and business needs,” said Loraine DeBonis, Paybefore editor-in-chief and chair of the judging panel. “We are proud to recognize Banking Up’s contributions to advancing the industry.”

“The companies and programs recognized in the 2014 Paybefore Awards are great of examples of what can be accomplished when innovators apply thoughtfulness and payments technology to address real-world needs,” added Marilyn Bochicchio, Paybefore’s CEO.

UPside Visa Prepaid Cards have been in the hands of more than half a million consumers since their launch in 2007; they are general purpose reloadable cards intended to be used as an alternative to checking accounts and are sold online at More than half of the UPside cardholders keep the card longer than 2 years, an exceptional account longevity among prepaid cards. UPside cards were the first to display fees in a standardized “fee box” format advocated by the Center for Financial Services Innovations. They were also the first prepaid cards to offer on-demand paper checks, direct top ups of prepaid cell phones, and full service access via a smartphone application.

UPside Visa Prepaid Card now will vie for Best-in-Category distinction, which will be announced during the Paybefore Awards ceremony on March 4 at the All Payments Expo. For the second year, visitors to will have a chance to vote on Best in Category. The outcome of this vote (counted as one-sixth of the total) will be combined with the five judges’ picks to determine Best-in-Category honorees.

About Paybefore
Paybefore is the leading information provider to prepaid, mobile and emerging payments industry professionals, offering the latest news, commentary and analysis. Paybefore’s family of industry publications includes:; Pay News™; Pay Gov™; Pay Week™; Pay Op-Ed™; Pay Magazine™, a biannual print publication featuring in-depth articles on the opportunities, challenges and trends in the global payments industry; and the only industry directory, Pay Connect™ buyer’s guide, available online and in print. Visit us at



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