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Start Easily with a Primer Pack

What You Get:
N thousand GPR cards for your audience, with your artwork,
over M months
N cards deployed in M months
Customized card carrier Customized card carrier and website
Customized card enrollment site
Custom news/alerts widget inside cardholders’ dashboard Custom widget in card dashboard
Custom emails and mobile push notifications to cardholders Custom emails and mobile alerts
Real-time reporting portal allows you to measure deployment performance Extensive reporting

Sign Up Customers Under Your Colors

  • Secure enrollment website at the URL of your choice
  • Custom-printed plastic cards with your graphics & logo

Stay in Touch with Accountholders

  • Display your news and offers inside their online account dashboard
  • Send them alerts by email or mobile push notifications

Evaluate Performance

  • Receive reports and analytics in real-time
  • Measure the efficiency of your channel
  • Assess the profitability of the resulting card portfolio
You Do: We Do:
Supply artwork for the card front and your logo for the enrollment site
  • Run enrollment & access site
  • Provision mobile application on app stores
  • Open accounts
  • Print & ship cards
  • Process Transactions
  • Support accountholders by phone & email
  • Deliver your messages to accountholders
  • Generate reports
Optional: supply text & pictures for:
  • the card carrier
  • the online card dashboard
  • mobile notifications and emails
Market to your target audience

We Deliver Reports On:

  • Accounts created, activated, loaded
  • $ loaded and spent
  • Cardholder demographics
  • Card program profitability

Price Schedule

Number of Cards Months to Deploy Price
3,000 3 $19,000
5,000 6 $25,000
10,000 9 $30,000

Tell Us More About Your Project

After Deployment, You May: